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What is Icon?

Icon Real Estate is a market-leading, innovative and tenant-focused real estate company that has created a collection of more than 300,000 sqm of prime office real estate in the Benelux region’s principal cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Brussels. Icon is one of the most active real estate operations focused on high-quality office assets in this market.

Icon fundamentally believes in the buildings that they create and the environments that they develop for their tenants. For the people who work, visit or live around our buildings, we create high-quality environments in close cooperation with our development partners and local government bodies that enhance the area and support local jobs and skills.

The Atrium was the first flagship building of the Icon collection, and its unique combination of refined, market-leading and tenant-focused services, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional office space in the best locations characterizes everything they do. Icon is extremely proud of the final project and also the significant space let during its ownership: long term tenant relationships are the single best advertisement for the business and the best validation of what Icon does.

This is a business model that is being repeated across the Benelux, with a number of other projects underway to transform under-invested but fundamentally sound assets into the undoubted leaders in their markets.

  • Manhattan Center,

    One of the most visibile buildings from anywhere in Brussels

    Redefining a landmark – the Manhattan Center, originally constructed in 1972, is undergoing a major renovation focused on the needs of best-of-class international companies

    40,000 sqm of grade A office accomodation in a prime full-service complex, located in the most accessible area of the city centre

    Arriving in 2018

    For more information, please visit the Manhattan Brussels website

  • The Atrium,

    One of the best known and most iconic office buildings in the Netherlands

    At the heart of Amsterdam’s prime business district, the South-Axis

    Its world-class facilities, high-end design, state-of-the-art technology, and optimal accessibility make the Atrium the premier office building in the Netherlands.

    Fully refurbished and expanded with two new office towers totalling the complex to c. 60,000 sqm

    For more information, please visit the Atrium website

  • Central Post,

    A unique, monumental building – the former post office building, orginally constructed in the 50’s, has been fully refurbished and modernised in 2009-2012

    A modern, 40,000 sqm multi-tenant office complex directly adjacent to Rotterdam Central Station

  • New Babylon,
    The Hague

    A 45,000 sqm office and retail complex with adjoining residential towers and hotel

    A landmark directly adjacent to the Central Station in The Hague

    Redeveloped to high-quality standards in 2012

    Currently repositioned as a full-service complex, offering a variety of high-quality food and beverage provisions along with best-in-class amenities, including meeting and conference facilities and a fitness centre, to accomodate all complex users


Full service complex

Full service complex

Leading companies care about the well-being of employees and their office selection has become an increasingly important factor in recruitment processes. Buildings have a profound impact on our health, well-being, happiness and productivity. Icon creates vibrant and sophisticated multi-tenant office complexes where tenants can work, meet and relax. The Icon full-service complex offers tenants a wide range of facilities to create the ultimate working space, making tenants’ lives easier.

The services are tailored per location to suit the local needs of the tenants and visitors. An Icon full-service complex typically offers multiple restaurant and coffee bar facilties, for fine dining with clients, a high-quality self-service lunch with colleagues or a just chat over coffee brewed by a barista, an extensive meeting and conference centre and a health and welness club. The reception provides tenant-focused amenities such as dry-cleaning, shoe repair and car wash services.

By providing these facilities on-site, we limit the need for tenants to have this space in-house and help tenants to save time by having direct access to a variety of services. This can lead to significant cost savings through a more sufficient use of the leased areas, increased employee productivity and improved quality of life.


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